Happy Births is thrilled to have teamed up with the lovely ladies Sarah and Anneke at Komu to bring you the ultimate baby preparation experience to support you with your newborn in those early days, weeks and months.

So, as well as the private or group hypnobirthing course, you will also receive free or discounted access respectively to the invaluable postnatal preparation online Digital Kit (worth £30).

Created by an experienced Midwife and a mum, it includes a series of videos and audios featuring more than eight hours of practical tools and instructional advice from Midwives and postnatal support experts.

Divided into easy to digest sections it includes:

  • On the postnatal ward and those early days and weeks at home

  • Baby's health and wellbeing

  • Feeding your baby; breast, bottle and weaning

  • How to get your baby to sleep and safely

  • Postnatal fitness, yoga and wellbeing

  • Maternal mental health

  • Navigating relationship challenges

  • Preparing your dog to meet your newborn

  • and much more...