How does hypnobirthing help reduce the length of labour?

How does hypnobirthing help reduce the length of labour?

Some second time mums ask me this. Their first labour was ‘long’ and possibly more painful than seemed fair. So here’s my explanation as to HOW hypnobirthing can help mean a shorter labour than a birth you go into not having prepared in the same way.

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Acupuncture in pregnancy

Acupuncture in pregnancy

Siân Morriss of Holistic Acupuncture (based in Reading and Horsham) shares the many, many pregnancy-related conditions that can be treated with acupuncture. I had some sessions with Siân when I was suffering with PGP, and like she mentions, I found these so much more relaxing than I anticipated calm sleepiness was a nice by-product!

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Hypnobirthing: it's a no brainer!




  • Confident pregnancy and birth

  • Informed decision making

  • Relationship with your midwives/doctors

  • Flexibility during labour and birth

  • Higher Apgar score

  • Bonding with baby

  • Ease of breastfeeding

  • Smoother transition to parenthood



  • Fears, anxieties and tension

  • Length of labour

  • Need for medicated pain relief

  • Requirement of medical intervention

  • Caesarean rates

  • Length of stay in hospital

  • Recovery time after birth

  • Incidence of post-natal depression