I’m honoured to be qualified to teach you the Calm Births hypnobirthing course. This is a complete birth preparation programme, and my training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

It’s for you and your chosen birth partner (your baby’s other parent, your mum, best friend, doula…) to attend together.

By the end, you’ll both have the knowledge and tools to help you achieve the safe, gentle and calm birth that your body was designed for - no matter what surprises or challenges may arise on the day.  

My classes are informal, relaxed and fun! Join in with a group at my home in central Reading, Berkshire - or individual classes in the privacy of your own home.

We can tailor things to you and your needs - this is one of the benefits of learning in a small group or just you and your birth partner - you’ll have all the time and privacy to have your questions answered.

Course format

To go from being scared to being relaxed about labour takes information and it takes practice.

The course is for you and your birth partner, and is spread over 4 sessions of around 2-2.5 hours each, and lots of relaxation practice at home for you both.

If you have discovered hypnobirthing later in your pregnancy, fear not! I also offer intensive classes spread over two days.

An informative handbook and 7 relaxing MP3s are included to support your practice at home (or on the bus to work!).

Course content

  • With your birth partner, you’ll create your birth preferences document, and spend lots of time thinking about the birth you want.

  • Things you never knew about the mechanics of labour - and how amazing our bodies are!

  • You’ll learn breathing techniques and how to create a wonderful emotional attachment to music and imagined scenes. Using these tools you’ll be able to take yourself away into a deep space of relaxation at any time and place, whilst remaining alert and in control.

  • We’ll discuss how labour will naturally start when your baby is ready, and how to reduce the need for medication.

  • You’ll learn some lovely massage tools such as ‘light touch massage’, and also a really simple massage technique to reduce the likelyhood of episiotomy.

  • We’ll watch hypnobirthing videos and share inspiring positive birth stories from Happy Births couples – the more you learn that calm births can be the norm, the less your brain will hold on to sensationalist stories from television or society.

  • An important element of the course is learning a questioning technique for medical professionals to make sure you understand all of your rights and options in pregnancy and labour.

  • Lots more practical stuff including: what you really need in a birth bag, and what happens immediately after your baby is born.

When is best to start the course?

It is recommended that you and your birth partner start your classes between 20 and 32 weeks of pregnancy, so that you have plenty of time to practice all the techniques you’ll learn.

But it’s never too early to start, or too late to begin!