How I fell in love with hypnobirthing…


As soon as I read a friend’s story of her experience completing a course of hypnobirthing classes, I knew that it was something I wanted to do too. Actually, not only wanted to do, but NEEDED to do.

I used to be quite an anxious person by nature, and conditioned by watching too many episodes of One Born Every Minute (step one – stop watching that right now!), I feared giving birth.

But having read about hypnobirthing and having recently gotten really into mindfulness and basic meditation in general, I knew with the right tools it would be possible to reduce this fear.

I didn’t know it would be possible turn the situation around to such an extent that I’d be really excited about my baby’s birth and feel so empowered about this upcoming day! 

Personally, I found the classes themselves so enjoyable, I didn’t want the hypnosis sessions to ever end, and the time flew by. We learnt so much: about the biology behind the techniques, really simple ways to relax, useful tools for everyday life, watched plenty of calm medication-free birth videos, and how birth partners can be extremely involved and important during pregnancy and during labour

The sessions had just the right balance of gentle teaching, giving practical techniques a go (plenty of time to practice as homework in between each class), and breaks to chat about what we’d learnt. 

Relaxing at home with the mp3s didn’t feel like homework!! By the end of the course, I felt so prepared and confident in my body’s natural abilities I couldn’t wait for labour to start. I really bought into the idea that each contraction (or ‘surge’) was a great positive step to being one step closer to meeting my baby – bring it on I thought!

I experienced the most wonderful water birth at home, with my partner and supportive midwives involved to just the right degree. Read baby Noah’s full birth story here.

I wished I could do the classes all over again! So I’m doing something even better – I’m thrilled to have completed full training and certification for the Calm Births course (certified by the Royal College of Midwives) and now can’t wait to share all the amazing techniques with you too.

Even if you are already confident that you’ll be fine in labour (because yes, you should be!), the deep relaxation is a real treat, and gives you a chance to properly focus on your unborn baby and help Dad/your birth partner to bond with him or her too.

Sarah Collison