A bespoke course focussing on the areas of birth preparation most important to you


Hypnobirthing is just as beneficial for second (or subsequent) pregnancies as it is for first time parents. Whilst you may be more familar with the physical side of things, each experience is different.

Take time out from busy family life to focus on preparing for this baby’s calm and positive birth.

What this course consists of will depend on many factors including:

  • How you prepared for the birth of your previous baby or babies

  • How you felt about those birth experiences and how you feel about them now

  • How you are feeling in your current pregnancy

If you’ve used hypnobirthing previously, the Refresher Package is for you.

It includes:

  • 2x 2 hour sessions

  • Plus all the wonderful extras that are included in the full course

  • £199 per couple (+ £20 if you require the course booklet, relaxation MP3s and birth affirmation cards)

Class 1 is a refresher of the overall approach and a practical reminder of the fundamental principles of hypnbirthing, the physical processes involved, relaxation, visualisation, affirmations, breathing techniques and self-hypnosis. We would debrief on what worked well and didn’t work so well last time, to focus your preparation in positive areas.

Class 2 focusses on bringing together all the powerful hypnobirthing techniques, with further guided relaxations. Preparing for birth and newborn life when you have an older child (or multiple children) is also covered.

You and your birth partner will leave feeling positive and prepared to use a variety of techniques on your baby's birth day.